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Respectful Reddit User Turns to Online Users for Mezuzah Advice

Reddit User¬†‘booradius’ Finds Mezuzah And Respectfully Asks Advice of Online Jewish Community It’s not everyday that you hear the word Mezuzah associated with the popular social and entertainment website ‘reddit’, however, thanks to the admirable efforts of reddit user ‘booradius’, in his attempt to find the most respectful way of removing a mezuzah he found […]

NYPD Comissioner Ray Kelly Presented with Silver Mezuzah

Famous among the local New York Jewish communities for his part in the foiled Riverdale synagogue bombing attempt, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly has been a tireless advocate for community safety throughout his 12 years in office. During Kelly’s reign as commissioner, the city’s police force has forged strong ties both within the Jewish community at […]