NYPD Comissioner Ray Kelly Presented with Silver Mezuzah

Famous among the local New York Jewish communities for his part in the foiled Riverdale synagogue bombing attempt, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly has been a tireless advocate for community safety throughout his 12 years in office.

During Kelly’s reign as commissioner, the city’s police force has forged strong ties both within the Jewish community at home and the Israeli community abroad. Last November, the Anti Defamation League honored Thomas Galati, the top-ranking officer for the NYPD’s intelligence division. An ADL press release at the time noted that Galati had “traveled to Israel with other senior police officials from the Northeast to attend a counter-terrorism training seminar sponsored by ADL.” Furthermore, the first Associated Press report on the city’s counter-terrorism measures noted that NYPD’s program was “modeled in part on how Israeli authorities operate in the West Bank.”

So Kelly reached out to his Jewish allies and even sought to enhance the NYPD, and the Jewish community’s safety, by educating himself on policies that have worked in Israel.

At a recent dinner held by Jewish city officials in honor of Kelly, the commissioner was presented with a plaque containing a large silver Mezuzah, the Jewish symbol for heavenly protection.

“You have kept us and our families safe for the last 12 years,” said Simcha Felder, a former city councilman who worked closely with Kelly. “We thank you for your service, and present this Mezuzah — a symbol of protection and safety — to you as a token of our appreciation.”

More from the event honoring the commissioner in the video below…