About Us

Mezuzah Master is brought to you with a vision of artistic style and impeccable quality.

Formed by a partnership of artists, we take great pride in the critical selection of our inventory

Have you recently purchased or moved into a new home? Maybe you’ve just remodeled or finished a small construction project. With all the time, money and effort you’ve invested into making your residence nice, cozy and beautiful, it’s only right that it be completed with the perfect Mezuzah case.

We also strive to make your selection experience easy and convenient by

  • Organizing products in easy to navigate categories
  • Giving you the best images to visualize your selection
  • Giving you all the necessary information for each item
  • Providing great service, competitive pricing and speedy processing

We hope that you will have a pleasant shopping experience finding the perfect Mezuzah case that will be a part of your home for years to come.