What Makes a Mezuzah Kosher? Part I: Introduction.

In this new blog-series covering the laws, customs and rigorous traditional standards that are involved in the writing, crafting and proper placement of a Kosher Mezuzah, we will attempt to break down the basics of this extensive topic and we hope to be able to give you the reader, a slightly better understanding of the spiritual components of the Mezuzah and to perhaps shed some light on the mystical makeup of this small, ancient and infinitely powerful artifact.

The bulk of the Mezuzah’s protective spiritual energy resides in the small piece of rolled up parchment that is placed within the outer Mezuzah case. The scrolls are the heart and soul of the Mezuzah, much like the engine of car, or the roots of a tree, unseen yet integral. So much so in fact that in 1988 the state of New York passed a law prohibiting the sale of Mezuzah scrolls which, to the seller’s knowledge, do not satisfy orthodox Hebrew ritual requirements as kosher.

True mastery of all the laws and customs involved in the writing of a Kosher Mezuzah Scroll would require years of study and untold hours of training as a religious scribe. From the handmade parchment to the 713 handwritten letters, to the numerous pre-sale inspections, a Mezuzah is closer kin to a delicate work of art than it is to the average transcription.

So stay tuned for the next installment as our journey begins with some historical perspective.

See you next time!