Respectful Reddit User Turns to Online Users for Mezuzah Advice

Reddit User ‘booradius’ Finds Mezuzah And Respectfully Asks Advice of Online Jewish Community

It’s not everyday that you hear the word Mezuzah associated with the popular social and entertainment website ‘reddit’, however, thanks to the admirable efforts of reddit user ‘booradius’, in his attempt to find the most respectful way of removing a mezuzah he found on a house, left  behind by a previous tenant, the following discussion took place.


reddit mezuzah



The online Jewish community was touched by booradius’ respect for their sacred artifact, applauding the Reddit user for his deference and  care.


A mezuzah is a parchment scroll often encased in a small decorative case, on which the Shema prayer is handwritten by a scribe. They are often affixed to the door posts of a Jewish home, for a protective purpose.


So on behalf of mezuzah master and the global jewish community we thank you, booradius, for your respect, courtesy and for showing the world how the Internet can indeed be used for good.