Made In Israel: The Etched Glass Mezuzah by Michael Kupietzky

A Mezuzah, like any other religious artifact or work of art, is representative of so much more than it’s mere physical form. In our case, the Mezuzahs, as well as the scribe-written parchment of ancient biblical text it contains, are of a truly sublime, even transcendental nature in any form and when these Mezuzot are hand crafted in the holy land of Israel well, that added element lends a whole new, powerful dimension of spiritual potency indeed.

Here at Mezuzah Master we stock a full range of Made In Israel Mezuzahs, and in these Made In Israel blog-posts I will endeavor to highlight and share a few thoughts regarding a particular, individual Mezuzah in our Made In Israel Collection.

Drawing it’s primary influence from the cylindrical shape of the Qumram scrolls (Dead Sea scrolls), The Shema Etched in Glass Mezuzah by Michael Kupietzky (pictured here) is the perfect example of the Mezuzah’s embodiment of our religious ideals, commitment and the rich, diverse history of our collective people.

The silverplate tops and bottoms are representative of the tops of the jars that held the original scrolls. The glass cylinder is etched with the words from the parchment contained inside the jar.

Each is signed by the artist. Michael Kupietzky was born in the United States, but now resides in Israel with his family. Each of his creations follows the Bauhaus philosophy that “form follows function”.

This Mezuzah case carries the entire Shema prayer, which is intricately engraved to form black letters on matte-finished glass.