A Mezuzah Pendant for Valentines

Ok, I know what your thinking, “Mezuzah and Valentine in the same sentence? that cant be right?”, but  bear with me here for a second as I attempt to make the case for Mezuzah pendants as this years top-of-the-list Valentines Day gift.

Let’s begin by examining two of the most popular Valentines Day gift choices, the ubiquitous dozen red roses, and the inimitable heart shaped box of heart shaped chocolates, both timeless, classic expressions of valentinia (not a word you say? is now!). However, both possess a fatal flaw that may compromise their long term affection-expressing potential, namely, they are both perishable. Chocolates, while tasty and euphoria inducing when eaten, are gone quickly (I would venture to guess that most boxes don’t last the day) and in some cases the mindless devouring may even be regretted soon after, and Roses, no matter how breathtakingly stunning, simply don’t last more than a week or two.

So this year why not think outside the chocolate box a little, and consider something beautiful, unique, thoughtful and (best of all) non-perishable. Can’t think of anything? We invite you to take a look at our collection of hand crafted Mezuzah Pendants, each a unique work of art and the perfect gift to express your feelings for your significant other as the Mezuzah traditionally symbolizes peace, security and domestic harmony.

Just a thought…