“An Article of Hope”

Ilan Ramon - The First Israeli Astronaut
Ilan Ramon – The First Israeli Astronaut

“An Article of Hope” is a new documentary which will be screened on October 20th at the Oshman Family Jewish Center in Palo Alto, California. This one hour film recaps the life of Ilan Ramon, a heroic ace fighter pilot, squadron leader of the 1981 attack on Iraq’s nuclear facility, and Israel’s first astronaut in space. He died in the 2003 accident of the space shuttle Columbia along with 6 other astronauts.
The firm reveals Ilan’s efforts while in space to unite all Jews by displaying to a global viewing audience a miniature Torah which survived the Bergen- Belsen death camp. He also brought a mezuzah on board and went out of his way to reinforce his Jewish identity during the mission. The film hints at a touch of the miraculous in this last flight.
Could the mezuzah have something to do with it? Stay tuned.