Totally Free…No Kidding………These people are serious!

The Ashdod Religious Council in Israel earnestly encouraged the city’s residents to have their tefillin and mezuzahs inspected during Elul. For free. That’s right.

This month has always been the customary time for Jews the world over to take stock of themselves spiritually as well as for checking up on the ‘spiritual health’ of some of their possessions.

The city’s chief rabbi, HaRav Chaim Pinto Shlita was shown some of the results of this campaign by Rav Ovadia Dahan, who is the head of the city’s religious council. He pointed out quite a few ‘irregularities.’ In some cases entire words were missing from the klaf. Is it possible that a scribe somewhere fell asleep at the wheel? It’s good to know! A free service is also a good incentive!