The Menorah gets a Mezuzah

Ukraine’s seven-tower Menorah Centre
World’s largest Jewish centre opens in Ukraine

The Menorah- Chabad Jewish Center is the largest and most elaborate Chabad House built to date. The edifice was dedicated today by Mr. Gennandy Bogolubov, the President of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community.

The mezuzah for the banquet hall was affixed in a ceremony by the Chief Rabbi of Russia and Chabad Shliach to Moscow, Rabbi Berel Lazar, a personal friend of the Chabad Shliach and Chief Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk, Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky.

Bogolubov took the podium and began describing the history of the Menorah Center. “The reason for building a Menorah,” explained Mr. Bogolubov “is because it symbolizes the Chanukah holiday, a holiday I connect with the most, for it represents the victory of the spiritual over the physical, the few over the many, and this building will have the same power, to be victorious over the forces of evil and darkness!” He concluded to a resounding applause.

This colossal structure will serve as a beacon of light for Jews in the former Soviet Union. It is a far cry from the times when every single Jew in the country had to keep the lowest profile possible in order just to stay alive.  Talk about ‘Power to the People!