Unusual Mezuzah Case Designs

This post is dedicated to the creativity and at times astonishing ingenuity of the human spirit. I have always believed that one of the most powerful modes of self expression lies in our soul-driven ability to see the innate and permeating beauty that is inherent in all things. This inspiring, creative force has helped turn subway cars and ghetto walls into stunning mosaics, designed and re-designed cars, revolutionized fashion and inspired the trinkets and baubles that so uniquely color the sounds and textures of our era.

The Mezuzah cases pictured below are wonderful examples of this re-creative spirit at work. They are truly a unique and, well… different interpretation of the classic, traditional Mezuzah. Don’t get me wrong, to the inspired re-creators of the world, we applaud your work and we cherish your contributions to society, but every now and then even the best of us are bound to get a little carried away…

unusual mezuzah case

lego mezuzah

drums mezuzah

Saxophone mezuzah

flute mezuzah

unusual mezuzah