Mezuzahs on a Mystery Building

mysterious 911

Only an Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman can provide the answer, and it seems that at this time no one is volunteering. The question is, what is the purpose of Site 911, a new five story underground facility scheduled to be built as an Israeli Defense Force complex near Tel Aviv? Planners of this top secret project are taking bids from U.S. construction firms until December 3rd.

There is an extremely detailed description of all aspects of the mezuzahs the contractor is to provide. a sample: “They must be written in erasable ink on uncoated leather parchment. The mezuzahs shall be proof read by a computer at an authorized institution for mezuzah inspection, as well as manually proof read for the form of the letters by a proof reader authorized by the Chief Rabbinate.  The mezuzah shall be supplied with aluminum housing with holes so it can be connected to the door frame or opening.”

There is much more specific information about who is allowed to affix the mezuzahs, where they go, their uniformity, and the script is allowed to be Sephardic or Ashkenazi, but not a mixture.  I guess that if the directives for these mezuzahs are any indication, nothing much about this project is going to be left up to chance!