A Mezuzah when I travel?

Last summer I went traveling along the West coast. I mainly went around Los Angeles and San Diego. It was a great experience. Since I love nature I spent a lot of my time hiking and camping out in many beautiful places. Before I began my summer travels, as I was packing, I was thinking about what I need to bring along with me. Of course all of the usual things that I need such as clothing, shoes and some food, all came along. Then it dawned on me that I want to do something spiritual to ensure my safety on this trip. You know how traveling can be, full of surprises and sometimes danger. So I tried to think what I can do or bring along that will ensure a safe trip. I decided to pack a Prayer book and a charity box with some coins so that I can pray and give charity along the way. It didn’t feel like enough though. Then I remembered, a Mezuzah. A Mezuzah is hung on our doorpost to keep us safe. I thought that was just the right thing to bring along. When I asked my dad if I can take the Mezuzah down from our front door for a few weeks, he looked at me funny. I asked him what the matter was and he told me that we need to have a Mezuzah up at all times. I asked my dad what he suggests I do since I want to take a Mezuzah along with me on my trip. He suggested that I purchase a small ‘car Mezuzah’. He said that they were made in a compact way and specially for traveling. I was excited. I found some nice ones at https://www.mezuzahmaster.com/car-mezuzah/ . I ended up buying  the Car Mezuzah SUV by Reuven Masel. My Mezuzah sure did the job of keeping me safe last summer. Now I keep the Mezuzah in the glove compartment of my car, it keeps me safe wherever I travel.

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