A Mezuzah on the Manhattan Borough President’s Comptroller Campaign HQ

Scott Stringer, Manhattan’s Borough President and candidate for City Comptroller, affixed a mezuzah, a Jewish symbol of protection, to the door of his campaign headquarters this week, perhaps seeking help from a higher power in his campaign battle against former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer.

In a photo submitted to The Algemeiner, Stringer, who is Jewish, is getting some help mounting the traditional Jewish talisman from Mendy and Yossi Rotenstreich, of Chabad of Gramercy Park. For Jews, affixing the mezuzah is a  mitzvah, or commandment, mandated by the Torah, the Jewish holy book.

Stringer was well positioned to win the race for Comptroller until Spitzer, also Jewish, chose the race to mount a political comeback after stepping down from office in 2008 after being ensnared in a prostitution sting.

Spitzer, the scion of a billion dollar property empire, didn’t use public or campaign funds for his sexual trysts, but, after a long career as a crusading Manhattan District Attorney and Attorney General, calls of hypocrisy forced him to resign.