Young Jewish Professionals Affix Mezuzas for Israel

The Young Jewish Professionals of Los Angeles—a Chabad center for young adults—has launched a new Mezuzah initiative that offers kosher Mezuzah’s to those who do not yet have them for the token cost of $5.

The Chabad led Mezuzah campaign calls for young Jewish professionals all over the country to affix Mezuzahs to the doorposts of their homes and/or offices as a salute to the brave men and women of the Israel Defense Force, in support of their heroic efforts to return peace and security to the Holy Land.

The campaign, spearheaded by Rabbi Simons has arranged funding for 1,000 mezuzahs, which will be made available to young Jewish professionals throughout the country.

“Unity is our greatest strength,”  says Rabbi Simons, who also serves as the spiritual leader of  the Young Jewish Professionals of Los Angeles organization, “and through bringing so many communities together through the mitzvah of mezuzah, we feel we are creating a worldwide web of protection for our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.”

Rabbi Simons explained that some 40 years earlier, in the summer of 1974, the Lubavitcher Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory—launched an ongoing campaign to ensure that all Jewish homes were fully outfitted with kosher mezuzahs. At the time, the Rebbe quoted biblical verses and rabbinic teachings explaining how the mezuzah protects the inhabitants of the home, as well as the Jewish nation as a whole, specifically those living in Israel.

mezuzah for israel

mezuzah for IDF

mezuzah for Israel Defense Force

Mitzvah for israel and the idf