The Most Famous Mezuzah in the World

a special gift

There exists a mezuzah in the world, the largest, most expensive (equal in price to a Sefer Torah), which is the one and only calligraphic entry in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records. The scribe is Avraham Borshevsky, an artist and calligrapher from Jerusalem, Israel.

He began his career as a secular, formidably talented student at the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute where he became enamored with Hebrew language and letters. He went on to create many sacred works, choosing the mezuzah as the symbol for traditional Judaism based in the home.

Interestingly, religious people of other faiths recognize and appreciate the beauty of his works. For those who ‘have everything’ an authentic piece a treasure. He says that, “The work is even more than art. It brings light and the word of G-d into our lives.” Well, let it bring the light and the word of G-d into everyone’s life. May he go from strength to strength!