Stratford Woman Can Keep Mezuzah Where It Is

A Stratford woman will be allowed to keep her religious symbol on the door frame of her condo.

Sandblasted Silver Mezuzah Case on a Door

Board members at the California Condominiums had told Barbara Cadranel that she would be fined $50 per day for the mezuzah she had attached to the frame of her door. A mezuzah is a small prayer scroll in a clear plastic case. Jewish law commands that the symbol be affixed to a doorpost.

Last month, Cadranel was told she would have to take down the mezuzah, because it was on the doorpost, and not the door of her condo, which violated the condo association’s policy prohibiting decorations in common areas.Tuesday, Cadranel got word the mezuzah could stay. The Anti-Defamation League, which came to Cadranel’s defense, was happy with the decision.

“We are extremely pleased and grateful that this matter has been resolved, that the California Condo Association has recognized its inappropriate handling of this matter and, most importantly, that Ms. Cadranel will be permitted to exercise her religion by keeping her mezuzah hanging on her doorpost, as is required by Jewish law,” said Randi Pincus, Assistant Director at the Connecticut Anti-Defamation League.

A call to the attorney representing the condo association was not returned Tuesday evening.

By Bob Connors nbcconnecticut