Mezuzah on a Roll

It is not uncommon that a person should find oneself so absorbed in a specific activity; be it working on a project, reading a thrilling novel, or even playing a game, that he or she entirely loses track of the swiftly ticking clock. One would sit down to tackle a task at hand and accordingly become so engrossed, as to be completely absent from the land of the living, and like-wise the day’s sunshine will go unnoticed. And only once one’s mind has been restored to the present can he or she identify the hollow pit of a stomach in which the slightest form of sustenance has failed to pay visit in far too long. All at once one is famished, and the slightest implication of food has the influence to make a mouth water.

This occurrence is most common for me whilst I am studying for an exam. My eyes will be glued to the wall inside whatever room I allowed myself to become prisoner to. In this way my brain is put in overdrive as it attempts to memorize concepts, invisibly painting each idea I have studied onto the wall I am actively unseeing before my eyes. This practice of skipping meals to work overtime is irrefutably unhealthy; however, I always assumed it to be unavoidable. Setting an alarm clock as a reminder to grab a snack is not exactly a disturbance conducive to a concentrated brain, mid- thought process.

My savior finally appeared in the form of a recent discovery. A silent object, one that could rest within my study space without distraction, yet when necessary, even my glassy-eyed vision could acknowledge. A discreet reminder of my body’s need for nourishment, this Sushi Mezuzah Roll Case is both inventive, and brilliant!