“Largest Mezuzah” installed at the Kotel

What is said to be the largest mezuzah in the world has been placed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Kotel Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz and Israeli businessman Shmuel Platto-Sharon placed the mezuzah, one of the 3 designed by Salvador Dali, the late prominent Spanish surrealist painter.

“The mezuzah is a testament to safe gaurd the Jewish home,” said Rabinowitz. “There is not a more appropriate place to place this mezuzah than the entrance gate to the Kotel – the resting place of the Divine Presence.”

Make out of bronze, the mezuzah’s length is about 1.4 meters. Its width is 25 cm and it weighs 40 kg.

The length of the parchment is 60 cm and the writing was done by Rabbi Zalman Michashvili, and reviewed by the Rabbi Israel Gottlieb.

“This is a very big challenge for me to put one of the most familiar Jewish symbols on one of the most important places for every Jew,” said the donor, a former Knesset member.

By COLlive reporter