Is Justin Bieber Jewish?

With all the buzz about Justin Bieber’s latest trip to Israel, his desire to “visit the places that [he] always dreamed of” and his frustration with the paparazzi for bombarding him when he went to pray at the Western Wall, one wonders, is Justin even Jewish?

While it is true that the Canadian singing sensation is known to say the “Shema” – the prayer that is in the Jewish Mezuzah– before his concerts, he is in fact, not Jewish.

While I can speculate on why the teenage singer feels a connection to these Jewish places and rituals, I may never know. I do know that it is not uncommon that many in the Christian community choose to adapt some innately Jewish practices such as the Mezuzah. The Mezuzah is a small, handwritten scroll that Jews place on their doorpost as a symbol of Jewish faith. Of late, more and more Mezuzah Cases have been installed on the doorposts of non-Jewish homes.

Perhaps it is the deep roots that Christianity has in Judaism, or just that Israel, the Jewish homeland, takes up many pages on the history books of many of the worlds major religions. No matter why, many of Israel’s avid supporters and patrons are devout Christians.

Either way, we hope that next time Biebs makes a concert in Israel, he actually meets with the Prime Minister and perhaps even he’ll  sing him his hit song “Bibi, Bibi, Bibi Ohhh”



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