Hanukkah Mezuzah Gift Ideas

As the days grow steadily shorter, and the weather outside gets colder each day, the frosty wind tells of coming winter, and whispers it’s annual warning to all; “prepare yourselves… because the holidays will soon be here and you gotta make sure you’ve picked out gifts for all your family and friends!”

As the gifting gurus among you already know, this can often be more difficult then it sounds. Finding the perfect gift for each recipient year after year can be a challenge, which is why we at Mezuzah Master thought we would try and help out, with a few gift Mezuzah ideas for the upcoming holdiays.

The Case for a Mezuzah:

Why give a Mezuzah as a holiday gift? Simple. A Mezuzah, by it’s very nature, is truly a gift that keeps on giving. The spiritual (and in some cases even physical) protective properties of the Mezuzah (when containing the appropriate kosher Mezuzah scroll) are well documented throughout classic Jewish literature and the Mezuzah therefore serves not only as a beautiful decorative ornament but as a powerful safeguard for the recipient as well. As an added bonus, the lucky recipient will likely notice it on a daily basis and think of you every time they leave or enter through the door to which it is affixed, and each time they do, they may be reminded of you and your thoughtful Hanukkah gift (and perhaps be inspired to return the gesture with a thoughtful gift of their own, hey… just sayin…).

Ideas for Potential Mezuzah Gifts:

The Shema Polished Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah by CaesareaShema Polished Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah :

Made in Israel, this particular Mezuzah Case is made of natural Jerusalem stone. It had been specially treated in order to recreate the feeling of weathered stone, still found today in archeological excavation at sites that date back to biblical times. It has been decorated with an original graphic design inspired by ancient ethnic motifs from the region. The perfect gift for that friend or family member who’s passion for the holy-land is second only to his passion for freshly baked potato Latkes.



The Iridescent Sectional Star of David Mezuzah by Susan Fullenbaum:Iridescent Sectional Star of David Mezuzah

The Iridescent Sectional Star of David Mezuzah by Susan Fullenbaum is both serious and whimsical. Ubiquitous and universal the Star of David immediately speaks to any member of the Jewish faith, and the soft, elegant colors of this particular Mezuzah are sure to engender feelings of warmth, joy and holiday spirit.



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