Fimo Spiderman Mezuzah

Ever since they first appeared on the desert-sand encrusted doorposts of our forefathers some 3,000 years ago, the powerful and mystically protective qualities of the Kosher Mezuzah have been well documented. Countless miraculous tales of personal and communal salvation by way of the Mezuzah have been told and retold throughout every stage of our storied past. These small, mysterious and yet legendary artifacts have long baffled the scientific observer, for what manner of potent defensive weaponry could this small, intricately sculpted Mezuzah possibly hold?

Ok, ok I know what you’re thinking… this is the part where I say something rather corny about how the little Fimo clay Spiderman Mezuzah magically comes to life through some form of Kabbalistic voodoo animation and defends the home and it’s occupants from those who would do them harm… Well, sorry to disappoint you. The secrets to the protective powers of the Mezuzah are  indeed Kabbalistic, mystical and spiritually potent but they in no way involve little clay superheros springing to life to do battle with the enemy. Again, sorry to disappoint you.

That being said, a superhero mezuzah, especially one with the likeness of spiderman, the fearsome web-shooting, back-flipping, upside-down-climbing, arachnid-inspired protector of good, can make a great gift to that special youngster in your life, and after all, nowhere in the Torah does it say that Mezuzah’s with cartoon superheroes DON’T add an extra measure of protection…