Eco-Friendly Mezuzah’s for an Eco-Friendly Cabin

The Pearlstone Center of Reisterstown, MD. is a picturesque retreat and conference center that features farming apprenticeship, environmental awareness training, educational and spiritually vitalizing programs. Earlier this month, the Pearlstone retreat celebrated it’s latest addition; a high-efficieny, four-season cabin built from sustainable and recycled materials. Included in the project where a number of handcrafted, homemade Mezuzahs that will be affixed to the doorposts of each room in the new cabin.

These Mezuzahs, made from recyclable materials, were designed and crafted in the Pearlstone spirit. With their brightly colored cases and eco-friendly nature, they are a perfect, albeit micro-cosmic example of the nature-oriented spiritual oasis that is the Pearlstone retreat center.