Cringe Worthy Culture

As far as authentic Jewish culture is concerned, I’m not so sure that a certain Hollywood actress would, as the expression goes, know it if she fell over it. One can only wince at her good intentions but scanty knowledge about a certain item of religious significance which she heavily publicized and wore around her neck Sunday night at the Emmy awards.
Mayim Bialik, Emmy nominee for best supporting actress in the comedy, ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ wore a customized mezuzah pendant to this year’s ceremony. She has dubbed her unique creation Operation Mozi Mezuzah and has collaborated with North American Jeweler and Palladium Alliance to create the one-of-a-kind piece. It is a mezuzah necklace combined with a Star of David with a diamond and a sapphire, to commemorate the colors of the Israeli flag. The good news is, she is proud of her faith and heritage. The bad news is, she’s fashioning her own brand of goof ball symbolism.

The parchment contains the name of G-d so it is serious business. It has never been intended to be a show stopping conversation piece or a fashion statement, no matter how good the intentions of the wearer or designer. Jewish pride notwithstanding, maybe next time she could just commission a designer dress made out of an Israeli flag and leave the necklace at home! Please.