Cleaning for Passover?

Have you begun cleaning for passover yet? Have you noticed that your mezuzah case is looking a little old and outdated? Beautify your home with this beautiful mezuzah cover from MezuzahMaster!

The making of this Mezuzah case is routed in the philosophy of capturing the colors, atmosphere, personality, shapes, culture and traditions of Israel All materials used in the making of this Mezuzah case are strictly from local Israeli sources at it is therefore 100 % made in Israel. This Mezuzah is made with composition cast stone which serves as the base for inlays of copper or silver colored metal and colored stones. All the work is meticulously hand done, from mixing the original cast stone to inlaying each colored stone (some of the stones are no bigger than 1 mm!). Before any product makes it to the shelf, it is thoroughly examined to determine if the quality meets up to our high quality standards.


So where are you up to in your passover cleaning?