A Soccer Mezuzah and the World Cup

The fanatical fervor of the truly religious soccer (or more accurately, “futbol”) fan during the weeks of the World Cup is well documented and manifests itself in nearly everything they do. For these next few weeks, every avid World Cup fan worldwide will eat, sleep and breathe soccer. They will talk and think of little else. They will watch every second of every game and they will exult in their teams triumphs and despair in defeat.

Anyone out there who knows a true soccer fan knows what I mean; and you also know how all-encompassing  this soccer obsession can be. From T-shirts to accessories, it seems as though all things around them suddenly echo the theme of soccer in some way or another at this time. Even something as unrelated as a Mezuzah.

For those of you struck with an incurable case of World Cup fever, who also happen to be in the market for a Mezuzah, check out the Soccer Mezuzah by Reuven Masel. This Mezuzah would be a great way to complete your own World Cup themed makeover and would also make a thoughtful gift to a soccer-obsessed friend or colleague.

Go Team USA!