A “Sight for Sore Eyes”

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We are all aware that the information highway in the internet age is a place where all types of knowledge is just a click away. The “Yahaduton Channel, Your Personal Guide to Judaism,” has previewed a series of video clips which explain how to keep mitzvahs on a daily basis. Rabbi Shmuel Bistritzky is the writer and director. You can view tutorials on many diverse topics, most recently produced in Russian, French, and German.

Specifically, for all of you ‘mezuzahphiles,’ the “Yahaduton” channel shows a clip on how to affix a mezuzah. There are step- by-step easy to follow directions. You can’t really make a mistake when you get to see the job up close and personal. Plus, you can replay it whenever you want. This site is definitely, as the expression goes, a “sight for sore eyes!”