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Get a Mezuzah for mom; you know she’ll love it! Whether it’s a mother themed mezuzah, her favorite hobby, profession or a beautiful arrangement of “flowers” on a mezuzah nothing says “I love you” better than a long lasting Mezuzah case from Mezuzah Master.

Floral vine Mezuzah

Floral Vine Mezuzah - Light Green by Quest...

$50.00   $49.00

House Mezuzah Brown by Quest Collection

$65.00   $55.99
Sushi Mezuzah

Sushi Mezuzah - Medium

$60.00   $50.00
Hamsa in Vines Mezuzah

Hamsa in Vines Mezuzah by Reuven Masel

$35.00   $29.99

Flower Bouquet Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$75.00   $69.99
Metal and Rainbow Glass Mezuzah

Metal and Glass Checkered Rainbow Mezuzah ...

$50.00   $39.99
Lawyers Mezuzah in White

Lawyers Mezuzah in White by Reuven Masel

$40.00   $34.99
Thousand Flowers Mezuzah

Thousand Flowers Mezuzah by Adina Plastelina

$80.00   $62.00
House Mezuzah Blue by Quest

House Mezuzah Blue by Quest Collection

$65.00   $55.99
7 Species Mezuzah - Mitbach (Kitchen)

7 Species Mezuzah - Mitbach (Kitchen) by R...

$35.00   $29.99

The Cooks Kitchen Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$65.99   $55.00
Dove of Peace (white with light blue mirror) Mezuzah

Dove of Peace (white with light blue mirro...

$75.00   $65.00
NY Yankees Mezuzah

NY Yankees Mezuzah

$40.00   $35.99

Sunshine Glass Mezuzah by Sandi Katz

$65.00   $60.00

Floral Vine Mezuzah - Large by Quest Colle...

Beach Mezuzah Case

Beach Mezuzah Case

$75.00   $57.99

Tulip Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$65.00   $59.99
Fused Glass Fiesta Mezuzah by Beames

Fused Glass Fiesta Mezuzah by Beames Design

$60.00   $49.99
Sushi Mezuzah - Large

Sushi Mezuzah - Large

$74.00   $50.00
Purple & Lavender Glass Squares Mezuzah

Purple & Lavender Glass Squares Mezuzah by...

$65.00   $60.00
Miami Heat Mezuzah

Miami Heat Mezuzah

$40.00   $35.99
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