Small Amber Swirl Glass Mezuzah by Simple Touch IL

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The Fusing of this Mezuzah Case

During the process of fusing this Small Amber Swirl Glass Mezuzah Case, pieces of compatible glass are fired in a kiln at a temperature of 1400 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit until they are red-hot and melt together. The glass is then fired a second time at a slightly lower temperature to slump into the desired shape and then annealed (a slow cooling process). In each firing, astonishing and unique patterns are formed.

There is nothing like the fiery power of creating glass fusion to capture the wonder of craft making. Their passion for glass art in general and Judaica in particular lead them to share their beautiful Mezuzah creations and showcase their artistic talent and exquisite taste by forming a unique line of Mezuzot.

About Dichroic Glass

The word dichroic, pronounced Dye-Cro-Ick, is derived from two Greek root words. Di for 'two or more' and Chroma for 'color'. Thus dichroic means multi-colored.

Dichroic Glass is a very high tech glass material that has properties similar to those of camera lenses. Dichroic Glass is a design element that can be used in glass-blowing, bead-making and of course, glass-fusing.

Today, due to its fascinating beauty, Dichroic Glass is used extensively by glass and jewelry artists. What's more, caused by variations in the firing process, each piece of Fused Dichroic Glass is unique and results can never be exactly reproduced.

Made in the USA.

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Beautiful artistic piece! It made a wonderful gift for my oldest friend when I stayed at her home.
Yes, quite pleased. I bought it for my son and thought it was something he would really like and he just loves it. So thank you so much!
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