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Jerusalem Stone Qumran Mezuzah Case - Medium by Michael Kupietzky

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Over two thousand years ago during the Hasmonean dynasty (2nd century B. C. E.), the Essenes settled in the ancient city of Qumran in the Judean desert by the Dead Sea. They stored the holy scrolls in cylinder shaped canisters. During archeological excavations in 1951 ? 1956 the Torah scrolls were found there in excellent condition.

The top and bottom of the mezuzah cylinder, is made of bronze with patina finish, and is reminiscent of the ancient jars in which the scrolls were found. The cylinder is made of Jerusalem stone and is engraved with the entire text of the Shema, as it is written on the parchment ? the outside thus mirroring the inside.

The Qumran Mezuzah is a further demonstration of the powerful influence of the Bauhaus principle of ?form follow function? on the artist?s work.

This Mezuzah fits a 4" (10cm) scroll. Each Mezuzah is signed by the artist.

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Cylinder Mezuzah


Those who know me know that I usually never write reviews on anything, as a mother of five I simply don't have the time. But in this case I feel like I must share my experience with my most recent purchase from Mezuzah Master.
I had had my eye on this Qumran Mezuzah for quite sometime (I just love the authentic, jerusalem-ey look), and had dropped some (none too subtle) hints to my husband who (finally ;) ) decided to surprise me with what he thought was the mezuzah I wanted. Imagine my disappointment when I opened the box and realized that my dear husband had ordered the wrong one!
My husband suggested I contact Mezuzah Master and ask to exchange it, and though I wasn't too hopeful, I gave it a shot. The customer service rep I spoke too was extremely friendly and helpful, and not only did mezuzah master allow me to exchange the mezuzah for the one I really wanted, but they even shipped the new one out for free! Five star customer service!
Oh yeah, and the Mezuzah is gorgeous too!

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