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Mezuzah By Style

Find a Mezuzah that fits your style and matches your decor be it modern, traditional or funky. Choose the category that best fits your taste.


Granular Crystal Mezuzah in Green - Small ...

$65.99   $59.99

Granular Crystal Mezuzah in Rust Orange -...

$65.99   $60.00

Granular Crystal Mezuzah in Blue - Small b...

$65.99   $59.99

Flower Bouquet Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$75.00   $69.99
Leafy Vine Mezuzah green

Leafy Vine Mezuzah in Green by Quest Colle...

$65.99   $59.99

Royal Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$85.00   $69.99

Handmade Wooden Mezuzah by Ed Cohen

$65.00   $59.99
Fine Wooden Mezuzah - Light

Fine Wooden Mezuzah - Light by Ed Cohen

$65.00   $49.99
Fine Wooden Mezuzah - Darkv

Fine Wooden Mezuzah - Dark by Ed Cohen

$65.00   $49.99
Fine Wooden Mezuzah - Light

Fine Wooden Mezuzah by Ed Cohen

$50.00   $45.95
Dotted Wood Mezuzah

Dotted Wood Mezuzah by Ed Cohen

$85.00   $79.95
Diaginal Stripes Wooden Mezuzah

Diaginal Stripes Wooden Mezuzah by Ed Cohen

$75.00   $69.99
Diamond of Rods Mezuzah

Diamond of Rods Mezuzah by Gary Rosenthal ...

$55.00   $49.99
Metallic Glass Mezuzah

Metallic Glass Mezuzah by Gary Rosenthal C...

$100.00   $89.99

Glistening Squares Glass Mezuzah in Orange...

$65.00   $60.00

Glistening Stripes Glass Mezuzah White on ...

$65.00   $60.00

Metallic Colored Stripe Glass Mezuzah by S...

$65.00   $60.00

Glistening Stripes Glass Mezuzah on Black ...

$115.00   $98.00

Black & White Glass Mezuzah by Sandi Katz

$65.00   $60.00
Joyous Shapes Glass Mezuzah

Joyous Shapes & Colors Glass Mezuzah by Sa...

$65.00   $60.00

Joyous Shapes Glass Mezuzah - Large by San...

$110.00   $98.00
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