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A Metal Mezuzah is a great choice when you are looking for durability or you just like the look of Metal Mezuzot. This collection of Metal Mezuzas includes many different styles ranging from a basic Metal Mezuzah to Mezuzahs that are artistically embellished with Swarovski crystals or other materials.


Dotted Copper Mezuzah by Gary Rosenthal Co...

$55.00   $39.95
House Mezuzah

House Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

$45.50   $39.95
Song Bird Mezuzah

Song Bird Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

$45.00   $39.99
Pewter Tree of life Mezuzah

Pewter Tree of life Mezuzah by Emily Rosen...

$45.00   $39.99
Wave Mezuzah

Shore Wave Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

$45.00   $39.99
Couple Mezuzah

Couple Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

$45.00   $39.99

Pewter Noah's Ark Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

$45.00   $39.99
Family Mezuzah

Family Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

$45.00   $39.99

Spiral Pattern Pewter Mezuzah by Patric Meyer

$45.00   $39.99

Abstract Carved with Star Pewter Mezuzah b...

$45.00   $39.99
Olive Branch Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

Olive Branch Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

$45.00   $39.99
Folded Ribon Pewter Mezuzah

Folded Ribon Pewter Mezuzah by Patric Meyer

$45.00   $41.00

Wave and Ball Pattern Pewter Mezuzah by Pa...

$45.00   $41.00

Abstract Carved Pewter Mezuzah by Patric M...

$45.00   $41.00

Folded Pewter Mezuzah by Patric Meyer

$45.00   $41.00
Patina Green Vine Mezuzah

Patina Green Vine Mezuzah by Gary Rosentha...

$75.00   $49.95
Diamond of Rods Mezuzah

Diamond of Rods Mezuzah by Gary Rosenthal ...

$55.00   $49.99
Floral vine Mezuzah

Floral Vine Mezuzah - Light Green by Quest...

$50.00   $49.00

Ballet Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$58.99   $52.99
Enamel Tree Mezuzah in Two Tone Green

Enamel Tree of Life Mezuzah - Summer by Qu...

$60.00   $54.99
Enamel Tree of Life Mezuzah

Enamel Tree of Life Mezuzah by Quest Colle...

$60.00   $54.99
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