Kosher Mezuzah Klaf Scroll - Medium 4" (10cm)

Kosher Mezuzah Klaf Scroll - Medium 4" (10cm)

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Each Mezuza scroll purchased from Mezuzah Master is hand written by a certified scribe on kosher "Klaf" parchment. Upon completion it is checked 3 times for accuracy; once by the scribe who wrote it, once by our independent scribe and once by computer. This scroll is made in Israel. Find out more about Kosher Mezuzah Scrolls.





Got what I wanted, when I wanted it. The mezuzah scroll was pre-rolled and fit perfectly into its case.
Absolutely excellent service, bayit and klaf!
Quick and helpful
excellent service - got it in no time!
Nice selection
I've ordered from you before. Very satisfied.
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