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10/01/2012, 07:32 PM

"The mezuzah case and scroll were stunning and arrived quickly. They were given as a gift (thanks for the gift box) and the recipients were thrilled. Thanks so much!"


10/01/2012, 11:34 AM

"Perfect! Purchased one for a house warming gift (Dove&Jerusalem w/ home blessing) & the other for a "flower child" getting married (wildflower hamsa). They are both beautiful."


09/18/2012, 09:21 AM

"I just received my two Mezuzah scrolls and Mezuzah case. Thank you. Shanah Tovah 5773!"


09/13/2012, 11:38 PM

"We just received our kitchen mezuzah and we love it! It is very well made and also quite unique. It came quickly too. Thank you so much!"


09/07/2012, 03:13 PM

"Very good quality and craftsmanship shipping is also very fast."


09/07/2012, 02:45 PM



09/07/2012, 12:14 PM

"I highly recommend the Mezuzah Master. I ordered two sand-blasted metal mezuzah for my new home which has a modern style. They fit in perfectly to the home's theme. Great service and top quality product from Israel. Thank you!"


08/30/2012, 08:52 AM

"Very responsive and helpful service. Thank you."


08/29/2012, 05:21 PM

"Excellent. Good quality, fast shipping. "


08/20/2012, 10:38 AM

"Came fast and in no hassle thank you!"

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