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Glistening Squares Glass Mezuzah in Orange/Yellow by Sandi Katz

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This signed Mezuzah case is an original handcrafted design that has been kiln fired. It takes about 12 hours from the inception of a piece until the process is complete. Many of the designs require multiple firings.

"I enjoy being able to combine function, beauty and the warmth of tradition. I delight in the infinite array of design possibilities available with this art form." says artist Sandi Katz.

"My art is inspired by traditions passed on to me by my mother and it keeps her close in my heart."

Each piece is lovingly made with the hope that it brings you the same joy I received in creating it.

Shown with optional scroll.



Mezuzah Cases

    Medium - 4" (10cm),
    Adhesive, Screws,


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