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Our Girls Mezuzah collection is a showcase of the finest selection of mezuzah cases for girls both young and young at heart. With pink, purple and feminine colors as well as girl themed mezuzahs you’ll find something perfect for that special young lady.

Floral vine Mezuzah

Floral Vine Mezuzah - Light Green by Quest...

$50.00   $49.00
Little Noah's Ark Mezuzah

Little Noah's Ark Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$65.00   $56.00
A Special Little Girl Mezuzah

A Special Little Girl Mezuzah by Reuven Masel

$35.00   $29.99

Little Girl Enamel Mezuzah by Quest Collec...

$54.99   $49.99
Aquarium Mezuzah in Teal

Seashell Beach Mezuzah in Teal by Quest Co...

$85.00   $69.99

Ballet Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$58.99   $52.99
Green and Pink Butterfly Children's Mezuzah

Green and Pink Butterfly Children's Mezuza...

$45.00   $35.00
Metal and Rainbow Glass Mezuzah

Metal and Glass Checkered Rainbow Mezuzah ...

$50.00   $39.99
Thousand Flowers Mezuzah

Thousand Flowers Mezuzah by Adina Plastelina

$80.00   $62.00
Noahs Ark Mezuzah  Mezuza

Noahs Ark Mezuzah by Reuven Masel

$35.00   $29.99
Bat Mitzvah Mezuzah

Bat Mitzvah Mezuzah by Reuven Masel

$35.00   $29.99

Sunshine Glass Mezuzah by Sandi Katz

$65.00   $60.00
NY Yankees Mezuzah

NY Yankees Mezuzah

$40.00   $35.99

Floral Vine Mezuzah - Large by Quest Colle...

Musical Floral Mezuzah

Musical Floral Mezuzah by Reuven Masel

$35.00   $29.99

Pewter Noah's Ark Mezuzah by Emily Rosenfeld

$45.00   $39.99
Soccer Mezuzah

Enamel Soccer Mezuzah by Quest Collection

$65.99   $59.99
Fused Glass Fiesta Mezuzah by Beames

Fused Glass Fiesta Mezuzah by Beames Design

$60.00   $49.99

Pink and Yellow Butterfly Children's Mezuz...

$45.00   $35.00
Captain America Mezuzah

Captain America Mezuzah

$40.00   $35.99
Mickey Mouse Mezuzah

Mickey Mouse Mezuzah

$40.00   $35.99
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